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I'm Brooke, owner and creative director here
at BrainTaffy Design & Marketing.

I'm also the creator of the wildly popular new coloring/travel/trivia book 
Welcome to Far-Out Funky & Cool Colorado.

Feel free to poke around, check out my work, and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions – big or small. 

What would you like to see? Choose your own adventure:

A page from the "Colorado Coloring Book" Far Out Funky and Cool Colorado : The Coloring Book featuring Mike the Headless Chicken

Far-Out, Funky & Cool Colorado:
The Coloring Book

Image of several portfolio design pieces created by Brooke Goodell for different clients including Wellbridge, Colorado Athletic Clubs, and Total Woman Gym + Spa

Creative Portfolio

Illustrated drawing of Brooke Goodell owner and creative director of Brain TaffyDesign and Marketing

Interested in working together? Have questions? Let's get started! is the website for BrainTaffy, the home of Brooke Goodell's portfolio and website You'll find graphic design, branding, marketing, and of course the "Welcome to Far-Out Funky and Cool Colorado : The Coloring Book" "Colorado Coloring Book" available to purchase in our shop.  

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