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Discover 19 interesting and offbeat places to go, things to see, and stuff to know about Colorado in the pages of this new and exciting coloring & trivia book. Fun and entertaining for adults and kids alike!


Each subject gets its own 2-page spread! On the right-hand page,  you'll find a retro-style illustrated 'postcard' and an entertaining, educational story along with smaller items to color. On the left-hand page is a huge full-page illustration with lots of fun, easy-to-color details. The center-most subject in the book even has an activity with a surprise!

Whether you live in Colorado, love Colorado, have visited the great square-ish state, or are just an aficionado of weird trivia and eccentric coloring books, there's a little something for everyone inside this great Colorado coloring book. Grab your favorite crayons, pencils or pastels and color your way through Colorful Colorado!

Markers or paint not recommended.

Welcome to Far-Out, Funky & Cool Colorado : The Coloring Book

    • 8.5 x 11
    • UV coated full-color front and back cover
    • 40 Black ink interior pages featuring 19 Colorado events, locations, and things to see
    • Independently published and printed

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