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brand : LA Sports Massage

The owner of a new concept in sports wellness reached out to me with the goal of taking his company from a small, one-person shop to a company he could grow into a multi-location franchise that hoped would be a household name in the Los Angeles sports community. 

Working closely with the owner, I developed and designed a logo specific to both the client's tastes and the target market, and built a brand that could grow with his goals and successes. From design to budgeting to development of effective marketing strategies to client retention, together we put LA Sports Massage on the map and in the minds of every athlete in Southern California. 

Over the course of our many-year partnership, I had the opportunity to develop the brand from the ground up. Interior and exterior signage, event & outreach materials, website, uniforms, give-away swag items, print and digital marketing, educational materials, and social media content. The business grew year over year, expanding to multiple locations. After realizing his goals, the owner comfortably retired and sold the business where it continues to grow and thrive in new hands.

LA Sports Massage primary and secondary logo designs

Logo package development and design

LA Sports Massage Identity Package design including business cards, letter head, gift certificates, punch cards

Identity package

Business cards, letterhead, gift certificates, gift cards, referral cards, posters

LA Sports Massage interior and exterior signage design including window wraps

Interior and exterior shop signage

LA Sports Massage event outreach design including branded tents, banners, and blade banners, along with uniforms and give-away tee swag

Event and outreach materials: pop-up tents, banners, posters, blade banners, signage

LA Sports Massage printed material design including counter cards, retail passes, direct mail, bag stuffers

Counter cards, retail passes, direct mail, bag stuffers

LA Sports Massage email writing and design for  outreach and engagement

Prospect and retention email, copy and graphics

Staff in-office uniform polo shirts, staff event/casual and swag give-away tees

LA Sports Massage uniforms, swag tees and store tshirt designs
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